Extracts from the Birmingham Gazette
Heavy sentence for using a knife.
Robert Boddingtons [25] a toilet frame maker of Moor Street was indicted for maliciously wounding John Mathews on 25 December 1883. Mr Daly appeared for the prosecution. On Christmas Eve the prosecutor and a woman named Higgins his sister in law met the prisoner and his wife in the street. The two sisters immediately began to quarrel.The prosecutor [John Mathews] separated them. They all went to the prisoners house where the two sisters there began to quarrel and fight. At length the prisoners wife took up a table knife and went after her sister. The prosecutor tried to separate them but the prisoner taking the knife out of his wife’s hands said “I’ll use this and stabbed Mathews in the head. He fell to the floor and lay and received a kick in his left eye. The prisoner’s father-in-law called for the defence, said there were no blows struck with the knife and that the prosecutor whilst struggling with the prisoner fell hitting his head on the corner of the table.

The jury found him guilty.

The recorder, in passing sentence, said that he did not believe one word of the father-in-law’s evidence and was of no doubt that the defendant did it. He then sentenced the prisoner to 18 months imprisonment.

Saturday January 1884


A Serious Charge
George Bryan [26] a carpenter of 28 Mount Street was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for indecently assaulting his daughter, a girl under 17 years of age.The evidence of the daughter showed that Bryan had assaulted her on several occasions.

In sentencing the prisoner, Mr Kynnersly said that it was a horrible case and he was only sorry that he could not sentence him to longer than 6 months.

Saturday 8 March 1884


An incorrigible Vagabond
Patrick Gibblin a Labourer of Water Street was charged with assaulting his wife Ellen Gibblin. The prosecutor [Ellen Gibblin] who gave her evidence with great reluctance said that on Saturday night the prisoner, her husband, came home drunk and after calling his wife filthy names beat her violently about the head. She was so badly injured that she had to go to the hospital. The prisoner was proved to be an idle and drunken fellow and this was his 47th appearance for almost every type of offence. After first employing his wife not to “Kiss the book” he burst into tears and assumed a very penitent air. The prosecutor pleaded with the bench not to send her husband to jail saying that she freely forgave him. Mr Bunce said that the prisoner had been forgiven by his wife on more than one occasion for a similar conduct.Mr Bunce sent the prisoner to jail with 6 weeks hard labour.

Tuesday 12 February 1884

Drunk man thrashes wife
At the first court yesterday [ Wednesday 28 November 1883] before Mr Snyd Kynnersley . James Lee a labourer of 4 Court 1 House Jamaca Row was charged with being Drunk and Disorderly. An Officer told the court that he had found the prisoner thrashing his wife in Suffolk Street.He was drunk and very violent the prisoner was fined 5/- and costs

Thursday 29 November 1883


Highway Robbery
William Thompson [22] who said he came from Manchester, was charged with assaulting William Thomas Mound, a lad about 10 years of age in Cato Street, Nechells, and stealing 10-4d from him. The lad said that on Friday the 18 his father sent him to Carzon Street railway station to get his wages. He received 10-4d and put it in a purse in his pocket in his overcoat. Prior to entering the yard the prisoner spoke to young William Mound and asked if he knew where the London and North Western railway men were paid.William told the man that they were paid in Canal Street. On the way back the prisoner followed him into Henage Street where he put his hands over Williams mouth and took his purse. The lad informed PC Cook who succeeded in arresting Thompson 2 hours afterwards. Thompson had got rid of all the money except for 4-d Thompson admitted taking the money but denied assaulting the boy. Thompson was committed to prison for three months.

Friday December 14 1883

Assault Cases
James Kennedy [18] alias Henry Aldridge of Price Street was charged with violently assaulting Thomas Elvins of Baggott Street on the 28th October 1883 was sentenced to one month imprisonment.