Summer’s here…keep hydrated as those temperatures soar

Summer is about to hit and with the temperatures soaring, you will find yourself thirsty very often. It is always important to hydrate your body with sufficient water. For instance, did you know that 70 percent of your body consists of water? Muscles consist of 75 percent water. The average human brain consists of 90 percent water. Your bones consist of 22 percent water and blood consists of 83 percent water. When you have so many vital parts of your body depending on water, it is probably a good idea to keep your body’s water levels high!

Now to make sure you keep your body water levels high, remember to drink water at regular intervals. It is important to make sure that you drink water regularly. It serves to revitalize your body and ensures that the toxins are washed out from your body. It transports nutrients and oxygen into cells. It moisturizes the air in the lungs. It helps with metabolism and helps our organs absorb nutrients better. It regulates body temperature and protects and moisturizes our joints. So yeah, always remember to drink water regularly. Now the problem with drinking water regularly is to carry water with you when you go outdoors. In the heat, the water tends to heat up and hot water will not lower your body temperature. If you want to keep your water and beverages cool, consider picking up a cooler bag. They have thermal packing that keeps your liquids cool. You might also be interested in a beverage cooler. It can be used to keep your beverages cool in your car when you travel.

How much water should I drink?

We have been told right the time we were kids, that drinking eight glasses of water a day is good for us. Even though we know the benefits of drinking water, it’s not a habit most of us form easily. I still remember how irritated I used to get, when my mom insisted on carrying bottled drinking water to my school. Around 70% of our body is made of water. From nourishing and cleansing our body, to controlling our weight, the role of water in our life is endless. It is the most important nutrient in our life apart from oxygen. Below are some top powerful reasons to drink water:

Drink water

  • Unlike coffee and other beverages, water is a refreshing no-calorie drink which acts as a natural weight suppressor. Water helps in burning stored fat and regulating or reducing our appetite naturally, thereby helping those who want to lose weight or are on a diet.
  • All our five vital organs – kidneys, liver, brain, heart and lungs depend on water for nutrients and oxygen. Drinking less water means starving these important organs and preventing them from doing their role, which are so essential for our survival.
  • Drinking enough water also cleanses our system. Water acts as a medium through which all our metabolic wastes are flushed out via the excretory organs in the form of urine and sweat.
  • Water also helps to control our blood pressure. It is suggested that in case of acute dehydration (due to various reasons), our body tries to compensate the fluid loss by constricting our blood vessels. This, in turn, often shoots up the blood pressure leading to high blood pressure. Drinking sufficient water, even if it is bottled drinking water, can manage this problem.
  • Drinking adequate water can also minimize the risk of sunstroke by regulating our body temperature.
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