How To Protect Your Car from Winter Weather & Thieves

Winter presents two threats to vehicles that drivers must deal with. The first is damage from freezing temperatures, ice and other winter weather. The second threat is thieves looking to steal from the vehicle. Both threats can leave a car unusable because of damaged parts or broken windows, leaving you with the worry of finding an emergency glass repair company. There are several ways to protect a car from winter weather and thieves.

Install Car Alarms and Visible Deterrents

Most criminals who want to steal from a car are looking for an easy target. Drivers should install a car security system and visible deterrents. Visible deterrents could be as simple as decals on the windows stating the car contains an active alarm. Most criminals will avoid cars that clearly have an alarm installed. Additionally, the alarm will draw attention and possible action if the criminal does attempt to break in.

Remove Personal Possessions

All personal possessions should be removed from the car when it is not in use. This should include electronics, clothing and bags. Some criminals will even break into a vehicle to steal seemingly worthless items. It sometimes helps to keep glove compartments and center columns open so criminals see there is nothing in the vehicle to steal. Removing electronics also protects devices against damage from below freezing temperatures.

Do Not Park Under Trees

Drivers should avoid parking under trees or other overhead structures providing only partial cover. Snow and ice are very heavy and can accumulate on branches or light posts. The weight could send a branch crashing down into the car causing damage and breaking windows. Falling sheets of snow and ice can do the same. Cars should be parked in areas that are open overhead.

Park near Lighted Areas

Many cars are broken into at night while it is dark. Criminals often ignore cars that are parked under or near bright lights from a porch or street lamp. Drivers should always park cars in an area where bright lights make hiding around the vehicle impossible. Bright lights also help other cars or plow drivers avoid the parked vehicle during snowstorms.

Consider a Car Cover

Car covers serve several purposes in the winter. They provide complete protection from road salt and debris. They can stop ice and snow from coating the vehicle and causing damage to wipers, windows and locks. Car covers also prevent criminals from seeing inside of the car. They make accessing the doors more difficult. Car covers can provide extra protection from winter weather and thieves.

Move Your Car Regularly

Drivers should not allow a car to sit in the same place for days or weeks at a time during the winter. Vehicles should be started and driven for a short time during cold weather to keep fluids moving and other components in working condition. Cars that sit unattended for a long time also become an easy target for thieves who think the vehicle is abandoned. It will help to park the car in different locations so it appears to be in use.

Pay Attention to Plowing Schedules

Drivers should always pay attention to plowing schedules on the streets. This should include heeding the warning lights some cities activate when snow is forecasted. This will protect the car from damage caused by road salt, debris and accidental contact with the plow. It also prevents break-ins by criminals taking advantage of damage from a plow like a broken window.

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