Book of Remembrance

West Midlands Police Book of Remembrance

On this page we remember those West Midlands Police officers who lost their lives as a result of carrying out their policing duties.

Like all our officers, they aimed to serve the community to the best of their ability; tried to improve people’s quality of life and give them safety and reassurance; prided themselves on making society a better place and on making a difference.

In doing so, they paid the ultimate price.

Some died while performing acts of exceptional bravery, becoming victims of the kind of horrendous crime from which they were trying to protect others.

Most were ordinary police officers going about their ordinary duties, recognising the dangers inherent in the task, but not deterred from doing so because of the risk. They were doing what all officers do, day in, day out, to make our society safer.

We cannot even begin to repay the debt of gratitude we owe these officers; but we can do our best to ensure they, and the sacrifice they made, are remembered with pride by all who make up the West Midlands Police family.